Our Values

Purposeful Production

We build practical solutions for tough problems. We are not interested in being everything for everyone.  We utilize first principles to distill our assumptions into actionable engineering and design.  We engage with our customers to deliver the device for the person who is suffering without relief.

Service Oriented Initiative

In a world of lofty titles and pursuits, we value the people who get it done.  Volunteering with our organization is not just showing up.  It is keeping our drive to help those in need in the forefront of your mind.  It is actively pursuing assignments and opportunities.  It is learning what we don’t know and going outside of one’s lane to contribute to the mission. 

Personal Growth

We attract industrious volunteers and give them the framework to excel.  Mindful problem solving is in our roots.  Bold thought and action feeds the enthusiasm of our teams and drives a culture of learning, exploring, networking, and helping.  We become a force for good by allowing our ideals to drive our work so the less fortunate may thrive.

Resolute Integrity

In the business of pandemic relief, we balance the challenges of urgency with those of diligence.  We must be brilliant at the basics which starts with ethical decision making, transparency, and respecting our donated resources.

Tailored Quality

Quality to our customers means that our products are easy to use, low-maintenance, long-lasting, and reliably supported.  Quality to us means simple user interfaces, sophisticated self-diagnostics and maintenance modules, robust hardware and materials, and sustainable customer service.

The Team

Zach Whittle

USA SC, General Manager.

  • Project Management
  • Coordination

Roxana Naraghi

USA CA, Director of Culture and Organizational Effectiveness.

  • Human Ressource Management
  • Strategic Planing

Alan Thomas

New Zealand, Director of the Trust.

  • Project Oversight
  • Mechanical Engineering

Michael Ilewicz

Germany, Trustee.

  • Product Development
  • Quality Management

Ken Buttle

USA CA, Electrical Engineer

Behrooz Lotfi

New Zealand, Mech. Eng. Design Manager

Nick Goralka

USA CO, Firmware Developer

Neda Behfar

USA, Usability Researcher

Manoj Timsina

Nepal, Fundraising

Michelle Wanjalla

Kenjia, HR Generalist

Maryam Daramola

Nigeria, Fundraising

Masoud Hakimi Heris

USA MT, Firmware Developer


USA IL, Regulatory Affairs

Matthew Zhang

USA MA, Quality Management

Agata Ilewicz

Switzerland, Visual Design

Suhail Zaidi

New Zealand, General Assistant

Aakash Hans

India, Physician

Tomas Campbell

Argentina, Parts Management


Anywhere, Lifesaver

These are only some of our more than 30 currently active volunteers. Want to join the team?

The Organizations Behind

Arden Auxiliary Medical Inc

Our partner organization in the USA works together with the New Zealand registered organization. It supports the product development of the medical devices, be it through funding or development, tries to identify potential end-customers, and will procure devices from the trust for donation to end-customers.


Arden Auxiliary Medical Inc is a 501(c)(3) registered charity with the EIN 86-3262198

Arden Auxiliary Medical Trust

We began our journey as a Charitable Trust, registered in New Zealand. The trust is primarily responsible for the development, manufacturing, sales and rental of our equipment. All intellectual property that our volunteers contribute, belongs to the trust.


The trust is registered in the NZ charities service register with the registration number CC57872