The Oxygen Crisis nobody talks about
More than half a million COVID-19 patients need oxygen therapy in low and middle income countries every day. Lack of oxygen has been costing hundreds of thousands of lives every year even before the pandemic.

Help us develop an oxygen concentrator that solves the unique challenges of low-resource settings.
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4.2 Million Children Are Desperate for Oxygen Each Year

This is because oxygen concentrators are not fit for purpose in low resource settings.

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High temperatures reduce the efficiency of the nitrogen filtering process. This results in lower oxygen purity unless accounted for by the machine.


Water from the intake air is absorbed inside the concentrator and gradually decreases its ability to produce oxygen.

Power Issues

Concentrators rely on continuous power and patients can't breathe during outages. Power fluctuations often break devices.


Clinics and health centers simply can't afford new oxygen concentrators. Especially not if they need frequent replacement.

Dust & Dirt

Filters must be cleaned frequently or else they increase power consumption and can damage the device.


Oxygen and pressure are lower in high altitude environments, which leads to insufficient oxygen purity unless accounted for by the machine.


40% - 70% of medical devices in low resource settings are not operational due to a lack of trained servicing staff and spare parts.1

Our Solutions

ArdenMed has designed an oxygen concentrator addressing all of these issues and is now working towards approval from medical authorities.  We still have much to accomplish and we seek qualified engineers who are willing to volunteer  their time to finalize our solution. Learn more about our product on the solutions page.


A special pump, effective parameterization and smart software enable energy recovery and optimal performance in all conditions.

Air Conditioning

Few additional components and low-cost sensors remove humidity, dust and heat from the process without increasing power consumption.


Designed for resilience and with built-in self-maintenance routines, we expect our devices to run significantly longer than existing devices.


Compressors are the most expensive part of concentrators. Our special pumps and free workforce reduce manufacturing and development costs.

About ArdenMed

ArdenMed is a charitable project with more than 30 active volunteers from all over the world. We work to save the hundreds of thousands of people who die preventable deaths every year by developing an oxygen concentrator that is more affordable, consumes less power and produces oxygen reliably for years.

Save Lives Today

Our equipment will be distributed not-for-profit at the minimal cost we can manage. Developing a medically approved and reliable device is expensive and time consuming as we need to perform extensive testing and be certified for various standards.

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